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Best  Baby Creator


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especially to see you Mom Happy birthday This is my wife, she is from the mainland Ah Hong Mom, this is Games Mom, happy birthday This is from me to you as yourdaughter I wish you happiness, fortune and logevity Mom, Ah Hong’s wishing you happy birthday and being a good daughter to you Happy birthday Introduce everybody That’s Er Sao Hello Er Sao You’re very beautiful You’re the beautiful one You look so young Whata cute child! She must be yours, right? No No? Uncle, this is my daughter Ah Ling, how come you’re so impressive? So cute This one looks like a mixed blood You’re a mixed blood too, aren’tyou? I’m not Mixed blood of this province and a foreign province This family is so international Then let’s also have an inter-province mixed blood child soon, okay? Mom, say, is itokay? You married a clown Whad did mom say? Why did you come back? You couldn’t make it there? Actually, to continue staying in France was no problem But I kept feeling something was off Isn’t it better for this kind of a child to stay over there? Maybe it’s better But if you don’taccept her I will forever have a reggret in my heart I can disreggard everybody else’s opinions Games When Nina has to face the fact thatshe doesn’t have a father, have you thoughtabout that? When I was little my classmates also asked me if my fatherwas my grandfather In the end, I beat him up When you married father, you didn’t think about these things either, right? How come you’re so good atarguing? What happened with that man? Why did you do itwith a black man? What’s the difference if he’s a black man? Aren’tall people people? When I discovered I was preggnant, I had already broken up with him You didn’t tell him to take responsibility? I’ll take responsibility for my own child result no matter how much time we spend together Have you thoughtaboutwhat to do in the future? You yourself brought up two kids You can. Why can’t I? Nextyear, he will come visit the child Don’t bring him back here I don’twant to see that man When Nina was one yearold, she was so sick

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