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Best Anna and Kristoff’s Date

Best Anna and Kristoff’s Date


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Best Anna and Kristoff’s Date Description

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That’s not likely to happen. But the point should be covered, should it not? If you insist. In case of marriage, her property should revert to you. Unless, presumably, you predecease her? Er, yes, yes. Very well. You are a stickler for these things, aren’t you, Mr. Couch? Well, that’s my job, Master Ashley to stickle. And you would like this to be ready and drawn up in legal form by your th birthday? Yes, on the day that the property falls to me. Absolutely. You’re doing a very generous thing, if I may say so. Giving everything away the very moment it becomes yours. Generous, one might say, to the point of Rashness? Will you do as I ask? Well? Oh, Philip. We have a guest. What a surprise. Such a charming house. I hope you don’t mind, your cousin has been giving me the grand tour. And much grander than I had been led to believe. Benito Casteluccio had brought you an enormous bunch of flowers. Cosimo was furious. So angry. I came to wish you good night. I wish you the same. He’s a very old friend and we had a lot to talk about.

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