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    That doesn’t change my plan. MEDIVH: What plan? Anduin believes we should attack with full force. I’m concerned it leaves the rest of the kingdom defenseless. MEDIVH: How many legions would you need to hold the orcs in place? Five for Deadwind Pass. for the Redridge Mountains, more to protect the city. We’ve already lost legions. That leaves one, two, three. Can it be done, Medivh? LOTHAR: No, it can’t be done. With three legions, Frostwolves and my power Games With all due respect, Guardian your powers have proven unreliable at best, recently. Llane, have I ever let you down? LOTHAR: Let him down? Where have you even been for the last six years? Please, Anduin Games Medivh is the Guardian. Not the one you remember. He’s lost! He’s unstable! And he won’t be there when you really need him. Find your bearings, Anduin. I would march into Hell for you if I thought there was the slightest chance of victory. But there isn’t. This is suicide. Is this about Callan? It was a tragedy. If he hadn’t been trying so hard to win your approval he might still be with us today. Medivh. Callan wasn’t ready, you knew it. And you let him play soldier anyway. Anduin, stop! No! You killed him! Just save it! Commander, please, sir! Please! KING LLANE: Varis. Take him to a cell to calm down. You are no use to us like this. MEDIVH: We’ll protect the kingdom, my lord. You and I. GATE OPENS Why are you here? The King. He goes to fight the Horde. With your Guardian’s help Durotan will kill Gul’Dan. Don’t trust him. I have told you, orcs do not lie. Not Durotan. Don’t trust Medivh. I will try to protect your king. Don’t go with them. Why? I don’t want you to get hurt. Come back alive. MAN : Free us. WOMAN : We’re thirsty! MAN : Spare us! Spare us! WOMAN : Please! We need your help! ORC GUARD: Hey! Frostwolf! Now, you’re enemies with all sides. I’ll tell them it was you. GROANS What happened? I’m sorry, Durotan. I did not see how we could side with the humans, against our own kind. I was wrong. Gul’Dan’s Fel magic is destroying us. Where’s Draka?

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