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    have happen if a proper script had been in p ace? Oh, no. It probab y wou dn’t have done, yeah. Definite y wou dn’t have done, because they wou dn’t have want to do the shot twice. MAN: It shou dn’t have happened. [Engine vrooming] MAN: With David Piper, Steve was very, very aware and very worri about it. You’d think it was his fau t. MAN: It’s his fi m. The bucks stops at the top. I never saw him afterwards. No. Just never happen to see him again. STEVE MCQUEEN: It was a fi m that took us four months to shoot, and was very difficu t, and we had a coup e of very bad accidents. It was the most difficu t fi m I’ve ever done. MAN: One morning, at So ar Vi age, no one e se was there but myse f and Steve. And he said, ee, I see what you’re trying to do, and I’m not going to fight you. I’m not going to be against you. I want to work with you. From that time on, it was wonderfu. We batter out an out ine that Steve agre to. It took , , weeks for this to happen. And fina y, we got basica y what we had in the movie, in terms of dia ogue. When peop e risk their ives, shou dn’t it be for something very important? We , it better be. MAN: He was trying to vindicate the purpose of the fi m by making sure it was finish and wou d be a testament to the persona bravery of his most respect pa s, the motor racing drivers. WOMAN: It was ate October or November. And the trees were turning ye ow. It shou d be within So they had to paint the eaves. Ugh, my goodness. MAN: In November, , fi ming fina y wrapp three months over schedu e, and about $. mi ion over budget. He was sort of me ancho y, I think. He said, it’s done. The ast day of fi ming, he got out of his car, and he unbuck his wrist watch, and wa k over to me, and hand me the watch. And he said, I want you to have this. Thank you for keeping me a ive a these months. STEVE MCQUEEN: e Mans is c ose to me. I ove motor racing. It was a fi m that was very, very c ose to me, and we a hope it turns out we. CREW: Camera number three, marker. CREW: Camera number four, marker. CREW:

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