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Beauty Sara

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    Beauty Sara Description

    Games No I’m not! Uh huh. It’s not scary. I’ve been on it before. See, it’s different. They make this for little tiny kids. It’s not scary. You can hold daddy’s hand really tight. Games Honey the line, the line. Games Okay, okay. Oh no, here she comes. There she is, the wicked witch! She’s just pretend, right? That’s right. Witches aren’t real. No. And they lived happily ever after. Yay! This is so cute! Games Look at flying Pooh. Games Hey baby, come on. Games No, honey, not now, the kids! Games What are you worried about? Games The kids! Not now! Games Come on. What? What!? No one’s around. Come on. Not in front of the kids. Tigger! No, keep your handsGames honeyGames Not here. No. Not in front of the kids. No. Stop. Games Come on. Games Jim. You’re such a downer. Games You’re such a Debbie Downer. Games No. La la la la lala lala la Dress Up Game lala lala la lala la la la la la Games Sit down Jim. Games SorryDress Up Game it’s justDress Up Game I hate you. What? What did she say? Hate’s a bad word. No, Mommy didn’t mean it, honey. Something’s wrong with Elliot. Oh, you’re not his father. lala lala la la la la la Dress Up Game lala lala la la la la That was fun. Hey, honey? Did thatDress Up Game seem normal to you? Now can we go on Buzz Lightyear? I don’t like that ride. Games Guys. Games I wanna go on the teacups. JimDress Up Game What? Wanna take her? YeahDress Up Game Uh, no, no actually you take her and I’ll take him on Buzz Lightyear. Games Yes! Games Alright! We’ll meet you back at the carousel in an hour. Games Okay. Games Have fun! Games Okay. Alright. Games Muah muah muah, love you! Get your astroGames blasters ready, space cadets! Wooh! Wooh! You know honey, this might be a while. Yep. You sure you don’t want to get a fast pass, we’ll come back later? That’s okay. We could ride something else. UhGamesuh. You really like this ride, huh? Let’s wave to our fans! Hello! Hello! Hello! Let’s see how long the line is. You see how long it is? Whoa, yep. It’s gonna take forever. Oh man. Alright! Wooh! Giddy up.

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