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Beauty Sara Time

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  • Beauty Sara Time

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    But the poor girI’s mother who tried to appeaI the injustice got hurt instead. Mother! Mo Games mother! The bearer mistook her mother as the courteasan. How could it happen? Maybe it was Heaven’s will. Her mother died for her. How would your highness end the story if it were yours? Well Games l cannot think of any as it is too sad and heartbreaking. Failed again. l really want to be good at archery like you, my brothers! You would get better soon if you take after his majesty. Here comes his majesty, the King. Father the king! l told you not to come to the palace if not ordered! What is the reason? You made me get blood of thousands on my hand. But as it is over, you don’t need a son who has blood on his hands? How dare you! Please stop anger, your majesty. You frightened our precious crown prince. Listen Min-jae. Lord Kim Min-jae. Are you satisfied with playing Lord Sambong’s right hand man? l hope you have not forgotten who made you come this far. You look pensive. What is bothering you? No. l was just looking back the past days. By the way, it’s been quite a while since you moved in with me, did you inform your mother about this? Well Games lf you lost the contact, l can find her for you. lt would not take long if l send out a few people. You cannot find her. Did you spread her ashes in that river? Yes. Lord, please don’t Games You should have told me! l couldn’t as it broke my heart. l am deeply sorry. No. l promise now Games l’ll protect you. Against any threat. l’ll definitely keep you safe. Madame. Stop. What are you doing? Burn everything! Lady. Please calm down, sir. You can hurt herself, my lord! l’m sorry. But thank god it’s just burnt on the edge. l’m sorry for your mother. Why did you do that? lt’s your mother’s relics! What should l do for you if you do this to me? lt is already enough that l can do things to you. l’m sorry that l can’t give you more. l had a dream. What kind of dream? People gathered and danced together. And the place seemd to be where you don’t have to hurt others or draw

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