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Beauty Queen

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  • Beauty Queen

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    Beauty Queen Description

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    I can eat this wimp’s will power for breakfast, Jonbo! No. I want to tell you, Jonathan, to get this bastard! Coach. No! No, Coach! No! No! Get out of my way, bitch. I need a body. Go back to hell where you belong, Pinker. Jonathan. Jon. Jonathan. I have something very important to tell you. Listen very carefully. Wait a minute. There’s a little power. Why not? Jonathan? I think I can. Damn! Contact! Jon, what’s going on in there? Jonathan, open up. Jonathan. It smells like the goddamn electric chair in here. Don. Hold it! Oh, jeez, you scared Game What the hell’s going on around here? It’s been a bad day, Don. You’d never believe me. It may interest you to know there’s an APB out on you. Half a dozen people witnessed Pastori chasing you in the park. He’s dead now, too. Yeah, well, what the hell was Pastori doing out of the hospital Game wearing his uniform? What have you been up to? I wanted Pinker dead so bad, when I got my wish Game it just made him stronger. You think I killed that cop. You’re talking crazy enough, that’s for sure. If you did, you must’ve scared him to death. What do you mean? I mean, there wasn’t a mark on him. He was just dead. You’re family a long time, Jonathan. Been through a lot of tough times. I saw you turn a screwed up childhood into straight A’s. Football scholarship. I’ve been proud to be your father. I can’t see you a killer. Besides, Pastori’s body was just a Game A husk, just like Game Just like Pinker’s. Shit. Is that how you knew about Bobby’s fingers? I gotta take you in, kid. Don’t do that, Don. Called for backup when I heard the fighting in here. What do you want? Read him his rights. Yes, sir. Jonathan, you’re under arrest. “You have the right to remain silent. “Give up the right to remain silent Game “anything you say can and will be used against you.” Shit! What is it with the electricity around here? Put him in my car, I’ll take him back myself. Yes, sir. “You have the right to have an attorney present during questioning.

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