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Beauty Queen Time

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    You will use ascenders to climb. .descenders to come down. And you will come rappelling, down. ‘right sir.ok sir’ Ghost! Priya! What. what on earth is that? Kalicharan! Just imagine Can’t imagine Temperature. degrees We had told you sir. But you didn’t listen. Sorry, sorry We’re not staying here any more Bahadur, leave immediately. And arrange for ourtransportation. Go! You’ve snatched my bread and butter. l’m broke even before l could make some money. Just imagine! Why did you climb the mountain like that, in front of them? What could l do? She screamed so loudly. that l got scared And now they are so scared, that they’re all going back. Now keep searching foryour Champa all your life! What do we do, Bahadur? How do l know? l did as you said You think of a way now ldea! What? Champa-ji. My name is Priya. ln this lifetime ln your earlier six births you were Kalicharan’s Champa This is your th birth. lf you leave without meeting him, he’ll be very angry. And he’ll follow you whereveryou go Just imagine!

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