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Beauty Princess Briar

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  • Beauty Princess Briar

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    Beauty Princess Briar Description

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    I admit, I may not be able to predict you as accurately now, but I assure you, I’m every bit as merciless as what you are. Demonstration? Keep fighting, God damn it! Preach it, sister. How poetic. Now you really are the blind leading the blind. Round them up, let’s go! Get them on the shuttle now. And someone find Voz. All right, folks, let’s keep it moving. Form a single Game file line, one after another. Thank you. Missile launch in T minus two minutes. One after another. What the hell? Keep your hands in the straps and hold on tight. Really? You’re gonna make me kill a blind chick? I’m pretty sure they’re gonna take my crown for that. That’s all right. They’ll just give it to the next bimbo who spreads like butter. All right, darling. You wanna tango? Let’s tango. Mano Game a Game mano, motherer. Missile launch in T minus one minute. Watch it now, pussycat. That’s not a very lady Game like kind of thing to say. I don’t do lady Game like. So what then, you’re just a regular old cranky bitch? Or is it PMS? If it were PMS, you’d be dead already. It was fun while it lasted. So now what happens? Ask the last guy who shot my eye out. It appears we have a stray. And where, oh, where might our mutual acquaintance be at this moment? Pissing on your sunny day. You ed with the wrong Mexican. Indeed I have. However, in seconds, none of that will matter, but you, well, you’re looking at a pickle any way you slice it. I can’t see, but I could still kick your ass. That’s why I’m taking you with me. Ah! Load her onto the shuttle. Bring them. They can join the other laborers we abducted. There’ll be plenty of work to be done up there. This is your captain speaking. I apologize in advance for the discomfort you may experience during our travels, but we are unforeseeably overbooked. So please hang on and try and enjoy the flight. See you in space, Mr. Machete. Get the off that man. He just saved the world’s ass. Machete, I got your message. We were able to stop the other missiles. Where’s that son of a bitch Voz? Are you telling me that turkey is just up there floating around with weapons and shit? I got a wild idea. Just hear me out. I can put you on a SpaceX rocket, top of the line. You go up into space. I’ll do it. I’ll do it. Your country thanks you.

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