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Beauty Hairdresser And Salon

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  • Beauty Hairdresser And Salon

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    Beauty Hairdresser And Salon Description

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    Well I just wasn’t interested in school and wanted to get away and why did you choose Paris? I don’t know, it was my parents really now I’ve got to the stage in my life where I’ve got to make my own decisions you’ve got to learn to fend for yourself one day I went to prep school boarding when I was nine Rupert went at eight and both of us hated it I hated my prep school I just feel it’s too young to send a child off and we both feel we’d never send Thomas and Oliver off probably maybe until they’re thirteen I think eight is much too young so we will definitely keep them at home Do you still want to send them in the private sector toi school? I think we will, yes but as I said, not til they’re thirteen Why do you choose the private sector as opposed to the state? I suppose it’s what we had, it’s what we know I think both of us probably were very sheltered it’s only having been abroad that you can appreciate more that people are very different, cultures are different but I think as

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