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Beauty Hair Care Champ

Beauty Hair Care Champ


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Beauty Hair Care Champ Description

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Beauty Hair Care Champ to me that Game much love and respect as Chotu. What is it, uncle? How long will plunge in sorrow? I can see in this condition. Everything’s uncle. Do not mourn for your son. I am very unhappy. All who love me abandon. My parents died I lost my daughter Game I lost a brother size. My broken heart has only one support Game which give all your love Game my youngest brother. He also leaves. Also, skrabtta will leave me ever. And when she left me I will leave the world. Do not say that, son. We do not know anything meaningful to you? Farida Is not your sister? Did that old man is your father? We do not know they love? Yes. You love me very much. But afraid of his fate. Who knows? May someday be part with me. Before this happens, will be divided by all. I’ll leave someday Will go very soon. What date is it today? August . August ? Ustad Chotu bet it was his car Game and had promised to pay it today. Go check out his place. Okay. This will not be necessary. The car is your threshold. No, no Game I was kidding. It’s okay, sir. Fate makes his jokes with me. What is the difference if you are have fun a little. But what will you do now? He succeeded with his hands and feet. And what if I lost the car? My hands and feet are intact. And while they will help me continue my life. But sir, take care of my Basanti. I told the world that you my mother Game my sister. You almost brought me. You protect me. But I am unhappy man. Will go today after sell my mother. Driver, stop the car. Chotu! You? What is this mud of liitseto you Game ? It was my brother Game He soiling me. What happened? Something special out there? For me, something special both. Here Game and here too. Let me leave you somewhat If life meant to leave them somewhere I’d leave you but to me he would leave. Fate distanced me from Basanti. Now you want me to “leave”? We are completely separated, Chotu. Everyone is sad when expensive it izsotavyat beings. And when the grief is gone.. Death comes. Who knows whether death is true Game . or she leaves? Not talking about it.

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