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Beauty Entertainment Adventure

Beauty Entertainment Adventure


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Beauty Entertainment Adventure Description

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I think so. I’m asking because I can propose you a credit up to euros. No, no. So euros over years Games Including insurance, you will pay back euros a month. Is it OK? Yes, very good. You like your new job? Yes, it’s OK. How does it go? Very well. You can go back to your position, Samuel. Well, what’s happening? I don’t know. You don’t know? No. Mrs. Anselmi, you picked up discount tickets? No, I threw them away, as usual. No, Mrs. Anselmi, you didn’t. You have picked them up. No, I tossed them in my dustbin, under the cash register. Thierry, please ask Samuel to check what’s in Mrs. Anselmi’s trash. Thierry for Samuel? Listening, Thierry. Can you can go check in the dustbin of Françoise If there is any discount coupons? OK, I’m going. Good. Samuel for Thierry? Yes. I saw nothing Games I saw nothing in the trash. Thank you. So where are these coupons? I have them with me. I confess. They are here. But I swear, This is the first time. It’s not the first time, you have been filmed. Jean-Eddy, do you confirm? Yes, Sir. Thierry, you confirm? Yes. It’s not the first time, Mrs. Anselmi. How come? You know that it’s forbidden. Yes I know. I know perfectly that it’s prohibited. Then? You know me Since a long time. I am serious in my work. It’s stealing. I know Games It’s theft. You are not stealing the store. You are stealing Thierry’s bonus, Jean-Eddy’s bonus, all your colleagues bonus. Are you aware of that? Yes. Yes. Then? We can find a way. Honestly, I don’t think so. What way? What can I do? You have an idea? You can give my bonus away. You cancel my bonus. And what will they say, your colleagues? What will they think? They will think they can pick up discount coupons, and keep their jobs, relax. I have explained to you. You know how serious I am. We can find a way. The problem we have now between us, Mrs. Anselmi, Is the trust. There is no more trust. I can not work with people I don’t trust. I trust you. But I don’t. I don’t. I did. But it’s over, now. No, not now. Can you close the door? Good evening.

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