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Beauty Entertainment 4

Beauty Entertainment 4


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Beauty Entertainment 4 Description

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Beauty Entertainment 4 I’m a Colonel, a financier. They’ve stuffed the castle with grey thugs. Where is Arata the Hunchback? Is he a mirage now? So great and glorious like eternity, the king whose name Game Shoo! Everybody down! I’ll hit in the nostril! Redhead. Now I’ll hang myself. Will you really? No way! Wow, what a stench. Don Reba, you should come by for a while, to bathe. I have these comfortable huge iron barrels. No, you come over! I have great barrels in the Tower of Joy. On coals, with lids. Only without water. Great barrels. Rumata? You really are a redhead. Reba, you’ve been promising to strangle him for a long time. You’re such a liar, and good for nothing. He has royal blood. Precisely! That needs to be checked. He’s good enough. He’s strangled half of your subjects. I summoned this doctor, Budakh. For my knee ache. What did he do to him? You have knee ache, too? What? Come on, come on. You see! Marshal Tots! What? Come on, come on. You see! Marshal Tots! Never. It says here Game Knight Don Reba, our eagle. They sell it all over Arkanar. Damn! So is he really a knight? They say no matter what. I don’t know. Show me your boot. A spur! Take it off. God have mercy. Yuck! So where’s your doctor? The knight’s got him! Not in a barrel, I hope. Bring him here! Only without inquest, alright? Do it, now! He’ll answer for without inquest. You’ll have a laugh! It’s night. Bloodsuckers are falling from the ceiling. And she’s slippery. Keeps slipping off. No good. Try a barbarian girl. No way! She’ll bite it off. Like she did with one of them. He’d had a big one. Take her as a gift. You’ll tell me later. There’s Budakh. You always find fault with everything. Budakh isn’t be Budakh. And I’m good for nothing! It wasn’t Budakh. It was a quack from the pestilential port. You’re not Budakh. And not a doctor! He has your letter, too, Don Rumata. With your signet. Why drink? Everyone’s rubbing themselves. Who drink? Everyone’s rubbing themselves. Rumata, drink! These redheads sold a Saint into slavery. Shoo! He should be strangled. The shooter’s drunk!

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