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    Game Your daughter is saved. Games , my darling daughter Games Yourgirl is saved. Games May God bless you hodja. Games May God bless us all. I haven’t seen my daughter this well for years. What about the people who cast the spell Game Can we find them? is saved, that’s all that matters. Don’t worry, God will punish them. It is :. Faruk Akat Game Game oblitarted, the jinn called Sare Game Game and killed her. Surprisingly, the blood pressure and heartbeat of Turan Game Game Iook normal. Nausea, vomiting and fever Game Game that was present four hours ago have passed. The patient claims that afterall these years Game Game she doesn’t feel the jinn around herand she feels fıne. Who do you think cast the spell? Someone close to the family orsomeone very jealous. Is it this easy to cast a spell? Have you heard of something called Dabbe? I have but I don’t know what it means. Dabbe is a sign of the apocalypse according to the Quran. It says that it will surround the earth like a web and enterevery home. Doesn’t that sound like the internet? The internet? Think about it. It will surround the earth like a web Game and enter every home. Www Game World Wiıde Web. The web that surround the earth. No way. İnternet, Ms. . Is the biggest sign of the apocalypse. It is the internet that has caused the increase in spells. You can now access the most dangerous black magic spells with one click on the internet. What can be more frightening than this? So who uploads these spells on the internet? I don’t know if it’s people or jinns. Anyway, this is a long debate. I’m going to bed. Games Good night. Games Good night. ? What is it? Games I don’t know. I think something happened to . Games How? Games isn’t in herroom Games Sister, calm down Games Okay, calm down. Mom Something happened to my aunt Fatma Fatma Aunt Aunt Games Fatma who did this to you? Games Fatma Games I’m calling for an ambulance. Games Do ot, quickly.

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