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Cool Beauty Centre

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    I’ve come home worn out at least give me a cup of tea. Why are you making all this hassle? Instead of encouraging her you’re discouraging her? For god’s sake daddy! There’s nothing to worry about. why are you making all this hassle about nothing? Dad, I will take them myself to the dormitory. and i will bring them back myself. You’ve opened your mouth again? As if I didn’t know your heart is beating for Roya? As if I didn’t know you want to take her out with the car? I’ve put a new towel and a tooth brush for you. Look what you’re doing? Let go mum. You let go. Your back aches. You’ve packed everything in your room? As if all this was really needed. Take these instead, They will be useful. Towel, doormat, and a shawl games good you’ve taken your grey jacket games haven’t we forgotten something? I love you games That’s enough, don’t be silly. I love you granny games Take care of yourself. Look you already started to cost me so much games Roya dear, you know daddy loves you games The university is far games don’t regret it later on. God bless you. I’ve grown up, don’t worry. I know you have. Take this cell phone and call me time to time. You’re giving me your cell phone? Yes why not? I only have one girl going off to university. Now I have to games What? Kiss you. Get off, silly. Dad i’m leaving. I won’t see you again. You’ve grown up! Stop daddy! Get off, stop it! Stop, get off. Roya hurry up, it’s getting late. Hurry up honey. Roya? Yes dear? You’ve left this behind games You’re exited, yes? Don’t worry I’ll bring it for you up to there. Salam. Salam games careful, careful games Farhad games Where are you wondering off? It’s so beautiful, when did you record it? Last night games Do you like it as well? Yes games Very much games You have good taste. Here, it’s yours. Hey games I say I like it, you give it to her? I’ll record you one as well Unfortunately the dorm is not ready yet It will be ready in or weeks time. So, until then, where should my sisters stay? Near this university there is an old building where the girls

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