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Beauty And Fall Time

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    Yuk. Hey. Is all this Max’s blood? Uh, some of it’s mine, some of it’s Evans. Yeah. Gross. Yeah. Hey, Frank? Lost in the line of duty. I really liked that guy. Well, on the plus side, no more vamps. Yeah. Oh, hey, another work day. in’ EVAN: Is it weird that I’m hungry? TIM: Oh, I could eat. AMANDA: Where do you guys wanna go? EVAN: Well, somewhere without blood on it. TIM: That rules out Denny’s. AMANDA: Have a pizza. Sorry, Mom. Are you still there? Hey! Yeah. No, you’ll never guess what happened at work. Oh, you could hear it? Bastardo! Welcome to the team. My office in .Your first fix and flip. You should be nervous. Oh, we got the basics. Fix it, stage it, sell it, right? Oh, selling is the easy part, especially if you let me list it. First you have to renovate the house enough to pass FHA inspection. And you two are sure you want to do all the work yourselves? Sweat equity. That’s the way to go. Your wife is very confident, Mr. Taylor. Oh, she’s not my games No, no, we’re not married. Not yet. Oh, I just assumed. I mean, after all, you bought the property together. Anyway, inspections are a challenge, and you’re on a deadline, right? About days. From today? Oh, we’ll be fine. No, the exterior looks good. Just a few touchups here and there. Maybe some light woodwork. Take a look at the electrical. You remember the roof leaks? Yep. And there’s a crack in the foundation? Yeah. We really appreciate it. Thanks, Babs. Okay. I’ve included a welcome packet. Papa’s Hardware is just down the street. A lot of local guys hang out there. Most of them know their way around a remodel. Well, it’s our house, our remodel.

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