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    Beauty Advice, Beauty Advice Games, Play Beauty Advice Games

    I was growing up I was probably far too sheltered What do you think about making this program? I just think it’s ridiculous, I don’t see any point in doing it I’ve been very lucky up to a certain point but everyone has their bad times and I’m only just beginning and I’m only young and I’ll probably have a lot worse than I’ve been through now when you’re a child you always think how nice to be grown up and independant and there are times when I wish I was three again It seems a miracle to me, when I last saw you at twenty Dress Up Games one you were nervous you were chain smoking you were uptight and now you seem happy what’s happened to you over this last seven years? I suppose Rupert! I’ll give you some credit I’m not chain smoking or nervous No I didn’t know where I was going at twenty Dress Up Games one I suppose I thought I was reasonably happy at twenty Dress Up Games one but I had no kind of direction Dress Up Games I obviously hadn’t found what I wanted and I don’t think most people have at twenty Dress Up Games one, you’re still very very young As a teenager Suzy spent her summer holidays on her fathers estate in Scotland What sort of things do you do? Ride, swim, play tennis ping Dress Up Games pong or I might play croquet anything like that What about a social life? what’s that? Dress Up Games What in Perthshire? Dress Up Games Yes Dress Up Games It’s quite fun Well I was the only child going through their parents splitting up aged fourteen and you’re at a very vulnerable age and it does catch you up

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