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Beautifull Glamorous Makeover

Beautifull Glamorous Makeover


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Beautifull Glamorous Makeover Description

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Beautifull Glamorous Makeover The lastest Here! Count it! You took a bite out of one. Give me a new one Dream on Uncle Vova, come over here Look here. This is the KinDzaDza Galaxy This is planet Pluke, we’re here Where is your planet? Show me Let me have a look. Right Game Where’s the Moon here? Don’t even bother trying For half a chatl any planetarium in the Center will give us the number of your planet Buckle up, we’re landing Where’s he going? Shh, be quiet Why? Just because They’re buying stolen property there? Shut up. They can hear everything I don’t care what they can hear They have a gravitsapa. Give me the matchbox, I’ll buy one Hold your horses, wise guy! First tell us what this gravitsapa is for Without a gravitsapa, buddy, our pepelats can only fly above the surface Now, with a gravitsapa, we’ll get to any planet in five minutes Give me the matches, Uncle Vova Don’t! They’re swindlers It’s just nerves It’s stuffy in here Tolik, son, would you turn the AC on please? See, I’m Game Can you climb up there? Where’s the switch here? Ah, that’s better. Nice and quiet Hand over the matches, Uncle Vova Open it up! Right this second! Uncle Vova, buddy, don’t worry about it He’s doing fine. He’s taking a break Thinking about the goose OK. Hear for yourself, if you don’t believe me Tolik, can you hear me? You freaks! If you don’t let me out right now Game See? He’s alert, and full of vigor and determination They won’t let us in. They’ll only let you in Don’t think about your matches. Just show them the ketse in my box Get going. The sooner you buy it, the sooner you’ll get home Go Uncle Vova, hold on a second! Put this on your nose, buddy Thank you, but it’s not really my style Who do you think you are? I am a musician No. You’re a Patsak He’s also a Patsak. Him, too. And Traz is a Chatlanian So put the tsak on. Got it? Not really Look at me with this visualizer, buddy Which dot lights up? The green one Now let’s try it on you. Also green That’s because we’re Patsaks Now look at Wef. Which dot do you see now? The orange one That’s because Mr. Wef is a Chatlanian Now do you understand?

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