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Beautiful to Be Adventure

Beautiful to Be Adventure


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Beautiful to Be Adventure Description

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does he know? Well, life’s a , right? Ain’t that the truth! I tell you, Carl, this is the last year we throw trash. You said that last year. Yeah, but this year I mean it. You meant it last year. Hey, Carl, is this yours? No, it ain’t my color. It’s a bra, James. Look at this smut. [BICYCLE JINGLE] Well, if it isn’t the South Bay’s finest. What happened, Mike? Did they take away your vroom-vrooms? You see, this is the kind of scum you’re gonna have to get used to around here. Jeff’s new to the force, so I’m giving him the tour. He’s also my new partner. So you’re gonna be seeing a whole lot more of him. Wonderful. Yeah, you’re gonna like it here, Jeff. The air’s clean, the women are beautiful and the shifts are short. You know, most of the folks here in Las Playas are hard-working, with a future in mind Games with the exception of these two clowns. They’re part of the “Don’t let this happen to you” crowd. [CHUCKLES] A word of warning, my garbage-toting friends, from your friendly neighborhood peace officer. I’ve got my eye on you both. If you’re not breaking the law now, the smart money says that it’s only a matter of time before you will. And you can bet that last dollar that my ass is gonna be there to make the bust. Golf clap? Golf clap. [CLAPPING] [BICYCLE JINGLING] [UPBEAT MUSIC] “Dear John. I’m sorry things didn’t work out for us.” “You’re a sweet man, and I’ll always love you.” Ah! You know, this is the kind of that really breaks me up. It’s an epidemic, I tell ya. What is? Just women, relationships, all of it. I never have a problem with it. Hi, James. Morning, baby. That’s cos you’ve got no heart. What? You’ve got no heart. Who was the last girl you were serious about? Betsy Sabetta. Betsy Sabetta? That was in the ninth grade and she had a harelip. She did not. She did too. She did not! Did too, did too. What do you know about her, anyway? I know she had a harelip. What an absolutely gorgeous day. Warm sun, beautiful women. And the air is just right for drinking. Would you just look at all the activity

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