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Beautiful supermodel

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  • Beautiful supermodel

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    Why the association can’t give a couple of extraordinary bucks. No use, I had knocked at all doors, No one would open. The budget must be strictly respected. Mr. Principal. I Game I have a concrete proposal. Oho, let’s hear Desa about that proposal thing. Other sports clubs are always organizing some shows and the income goes to the club’s safe. Why we can’t do the same? Desa’s idea is not a bad one. I am supporting it. But I am not sure are there any performers among us. Well, you don’t need some special talent for that. It is not a potato. At least that is my opinion. It is your charm. Well kids, if you ask me nicely, I’ll act Lady with Camellias for you. Well, we make the plan later. Let’s fly now before cumulous disappears. That’s it, according to schedule, put on the parachutes and let’s go. E, we’ll now see that artistic flying of yours. It doesn’t matter, but Jova, please be gentlemen and help me to put on this parachute. “Julia, call me but love, and I’ll be new baptiz’d” “Henceforth I never will be Romeo. ” Julia, that is, as a rose is a rose, Thank you, you are a darling. Sonja, but I am flying. Sonja let this Jezebel to finally show what she knows. I am sorry Jezebel, it is my turn. Where is the principal? He must be in the airplane already. I will complain, you’ll see. Principal, principal! Jezebel! Jezebel! Sonja, Mr. principal said to pay attention for the start. All right. Excuse me please. Look Bata, Sonja came up with us. Eh, Desa, it is easy for her when principal is towing her. Bata! Do you notice how principal yank to Sonja? I did not notice that at all. Uh, you men never notice anything. Bata, why is not me who the principal could like? Hold on to that stick. Huh, when I got to fly with the woman in love. Under the shadow of a small promenade. Walks a young lady full of hope. Her heart is a gentle grass. Passion makes it tremble like a flame. Here it passes by a blonde boy. Her small dream not yet fulfilled. Hey wait, boy, a secret song.

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