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Beautiful Star

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    Pass that ball. Butterball! Oh! Whoo! Yeah! Daddy! Oh, there she is. Mmm. You did such a good job. You did. But we lost. I know, but he’s here. It doesn’t always go the way we Game He’s not going away anymore. He’s gonna be working here now. – Daddy, really? – Yeah. I’ve missed you so much. Beth. Good game. I’m so proud of you. How come you didn’t come to the game until the fourth quarter? You didn’t end it with her. She ended it with you. What difference does it make who ended it? It’s over. It’s a big difference. Give me the keys. Give me the car keys. You can find your own way home. It is over. Beth, face it. You can’t make it all alone. At your age? You’re right. I can’t. But I’m not alone. Hey. Looking good. Hey, Beth. Thanks. Bye. Florine, that is a great picture. Next stop, governor. Now that you’re an elected official, can you do something Game about that annoying pothole down by the church? I’m sorry. But Kayla Rash is here to stay. Bless her heart. Beth, how is Jocelyn doin’ off at college? Oh, good. I miss her. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. In fact, that’s gonna be the title of my next blog. “Tools For Goin’ It Alone.” You might wanna rethink that title. People are gonna think you’re talkin’ about vibrators. And I would listen to her, ’cause she’s an expert. And proud of it. Mmm. Y’all believe that my little Web site is actually turnin’ a nice profit? Well, how could you lose with that name? BethWon’ Sort of says it all. Uh-huh. – Ooh, ooh, ooh, y’all. – Ah, y’all. Would you look at that. Ooh! Shall we? Mm-mm-mm! A reliable source says they’re livin’ together. Guess they decided to eat supper before they say grace. You know what they say? Once you go small Game – You never go tall. – Mm-hmm. Who says that? Nobody says that. We say it. Yeah. – Don’t. – Don’t. Yee-haw! Howdy, folks. How you doin’? We all love Tess. Motherfu Game I trusted that it’s not gonna hit her. Ready. Ready. Ooh. A camera with no filter. I’m worried. I’m okay. Oh, my God! Look, I’m in a box. Oh, man. I can’t get out. Whoo!

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