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Beautiful school

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  • Beautiful school

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    .dress up game, dear. This is the worst case of cheerfulness I’ve encountered. dress up game, Good. No. It’s terrible. But don’t worry. I promise I can cure you of optimism within two days and effectively eradicate all traces of it from your system. Really, Doctor? And how are you going to do that? I’m writing something for you now, which should do the trick. Is it a prescription, Doctor? No. It’s your orders. I’m sending you to the front line. Thank you, Doctor. Not sure about this piece about optimism. Are you questioning the judgment of a superior officer?Beautiful school Er, yes. Good. So as a superior officer, of course, I shall ignore you. Seriously, do you not think it’s gone a little bit too far? How can you accuse me of going too far  when the entire th Division has gone precisely ten yards in the last six months? And that was sideways. I’m just saying we have to be careful. Yes, I guess you are right. We must be responsible. Beautiful school As will be made clear in my editorial. You haven’t written an editorial. How’s your shorthand? Nonexistent. Good. Take this down. Mmhm? Editorial.

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