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Beautiful School Uniform Style 3

Beautiful School Uniform Style 3


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Beautiful School Uniform Style 3 Description

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very special about both of you. Together, you made it even more special. Yeah, I agree with Paloma thanks for that. That’s the kind of thing that I want people to be talking about, and they will be, because it was perfection. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Ricky, who is the winner of the battle? Chloe. I’m choosing Chloe. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE OK, Alaric, you could be poached for another team. Tell us why you would really like to stay in the competition. Well, Paloma, when I first auditioned, you said that the reason you didn’t turn was that you didn’t like the style of music that I sung. Now I’ve brought something new to the table, I hope that it will change your mind, maybe. George, same. You said you didn’t know what to do with my voice, now I’ve brought something else to the table. OK, Alaric, this could be your chance, as your future now lies once again with the coaches. No pressure, guys. Turn! CROWD SHOUTS I don’t have anyone like him in my team, he’s really different. He’s wonderful. CHEERING It’s George! You’re now on Team Boy George. Congratulations. Alaric, everyone! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Although Alaric technically and emotionally was spot-on, there’s something about Chloe’s spirit that I love. CHLOE SCREAMS I’ve got my first Steal, Alaric. He’s different. I don’t have anyone like him on my team. I’m pretty chuffed. One more to get. I think you’ve got a very safe pair of hands there. I think that he’s game There’s no-one like him on my team. Based on what he did tonight, you know, I would have stolen Chloe from you, I was so game I was hoping you could take Alaric so I could steal Chloe. What’s next, babe? Will. Ooh, there’s some good ones coming up, fellas. MARVIN: That’s right, Ricky, there’s still so much more to come. I feel like I just witnessed something truly special. Steal! Double trouble! Wow! You guys both need to be in season five to the end. And a familiar face makes an unexpected return. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to give her the chance to come back. Next into battle, it’s Team Will. Release the riffs

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