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Beautiful school Adventure

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  • Beautiful school Adventure

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    Beautiful school Adventure Description

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    Ignacio was, and did, whatever we wanted him to be or do. Ignacio was sweet and soft then. He still is. Has he fetched the letter? True. He did despite Games Finish. Despite having jealousy. Do you want me to confess something to you? Say. That maybe in that time we now summon, I was, without noticing, more in love with you than Ignacio. Without knowing Games And only when Ignacio announced he was going to marry you, I understood how much I wanted you. It was during the strike. Remember? Of course I remember, it was the strike in which I took part. They killed Roberto then. Roberto was, without a doubt, the smartest one. He would have been such a great man. But you are too, Octavio. You are what you dreamed of being, a leader, a man who conducts men and ideas. Yesterday you fought for the independence of the university, now for the workers justice. You are what you dreamed of, you are you. You live, you are interested, you are anguished to reach your ambitions, to reach what you love. Now you risk your life for your idea of justice, and if I help you Games and if you help me? Is to convince myself, that I am not dead. That I also live for something, for someone, do you understand? I knew nothing about this whole situation. Everything has revealed to me now. The alley, the house, the furniture at the bar, the debts Games And more things you will soon discover, if you stay for another two hours. Two hours! What are we thinking of!? It’s and Ignacio hasn’t come back. He will come back. But that envelope is too important to be waited for. Could something have happened to him? No. I must go to the post office Didn’t you give him the key? You’re right, there is no other choice but waiting. I don’t know what I was thinking. Forgive me. How would I leave you alone with that one? I do have to leave you for a moment. It’s Games and I have to dress up and leave. At ? Yes, I have an appointment, you know? I don’t understand, Julieta. Where are you going? Don’t ask me, I beg you. Try and read something There are Ignacio’s books

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