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Beautiful Rockstar Makeover 4

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  • Beautiful Rockstar Makeover 4

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    Beautiful Rockstar Makeover 4 Description

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    No one really came. I know. Honey, I would like to wear a ribbon today. I feel melancholy. You can do whatever you want. I’d feel better with a ribbon. It looks pretty. Look. Can you see? You look nice. Hi. This is the last couple shot they will be taking at Myeong-dong. Let’s go. You’re doing a good job. Honey. Great. Are we going this way? Time must be flying for them. Was Min Seok a good husband? Of course. He is the best husband. He’s kind, gentle and nice. He’s also humorous. You are perfect. It’s hard to find a husband like you. It’s my turn now. Ever since game I met you, Ye Won, I’ve changed. You changed me. You are the one who made me realise who I really am. I learned that a man needs a great woman by his side. She gave him enlightenment. I mean it. This is the shoe store. It’s fun. It’s fun. It’s fun. They spend the time as they like. This is leather. I feel sad. I love this. I feel strange. I feel the same. You should buy this. This one is prettier. I think the white one is better. The white one is pretty. They should continue shopping together in the future. They look so good together. Yes! Should we buy both of them? Let’s buy them all, Honey. It must be hard to believe that it’s the last date. It’s nice. That they will soon separate. This is it. Is this an X-Large? Yes. I think this fits all right. It does, right? It’s a little small, but there’s nothing bigger than this, right? I didn’t want to think about it. We knew, but tried to ignore it. She’s wearing their couples shirt. I just wanted it to be like any other day. We were dating on the street and shopping. We were eating good food. I tried to pump up the mood, but it’s not normal for a person not to feel anything. This time, it was just us two. To me, it felt like game a very realistic and normal date that game any couple would do in their everyday life. That was new to me. Although it was fun and exciting, I felt sad inside. He’s right. It’s really sad. We were spending time together, knowing that it’s was our last. It was so much fun and precious,

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