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Beautiful Rihanna Dress up Adventure

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  • Beautiful Rihanna Dress up Adventure

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    Beautiful Rihanna Dress up Adventure Description

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    [Ruby squeals] Hey, look who’s here. The Village People. [sniggering] [man] The one in the yellow hat. Hit it, Jay. [Jay] Gotcha! [hip-hop song playing] Come, on! Let’s go! d d d d d d d d [indistinct chatter] Hey. Yo. Yo, Yo. check this out, check this out. The Work crew are battling the Reapers. His head’s in his butt! [all] Oh! [girl] Hey! [yelling] [Ruby squeals] [Johnnie] No! Are you okay? Yes. Watch your bag. Thank you. No. No. Your violin. Oh! [cop] Hey, on your feet. There’s a cop, he can help you. [Ruby] Wait! Why are you following me? Because I want to help you. Thanks, but I think you’ve done enough. Why won’t you just go to the police? Could you say that any louder? I’m sorry. I don’t know what your story is. I’m screwed, that’s my story. Wait, I think we should just stop for a second and make a plan. Listen, we are not a team here. Where’s the closest place to hawk a violin? I have no idea. [Ruby] Come on! I think it’s a pawn shop. No pawn shop, lady, it’s a consignment store. I’m sorry. We’re looking for a violin. No, it’s a Luigi Mingazzi. It would have been brought in no more than minutes ago. By who? A thief. Are you insinuating that I buy hot property in here? No, not at all. I think she just did. She didn’t mean to. Why don’t you two clowns clear out of here? Wait, can we leave our number? Just in case someone brings it in. [Johnnie] You’re wasting our time with this guy. He isn’t going to help us. Sometimes, people can surprise you. Thank you. Yeah, I’m full of surprises. It’s a really special violin, isn’t it? My grandfather gave it to me. Why are you peddling down in the subway? Busking. Busking. Well, I can only work for cash. Are you a tax evader? No. I am British and I don’t have a visa to stay here. Well, that’s a relief. Not for me. I thought Games I don’t know, maybe you were some hardened criminal. No, it’s just Games there isn’t really anything for me back in England. What about your family? Like I said Games It’s nothing. Can I buy you a piece of pizza? What’s your name? Ruby.

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