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Beautiful Princess Best Makeover

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  • Beautiful Princess  Best Makeover

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    But even the crowd Can’t help me now. Oh game Oh boy. Tell me what am I gonna do. I know I’ve gotta guilty face. But I feel so out of place. Oh, yeah. Gonna be on my way. I can’t stay here game Ladies, I found these earplugs in the artillery room! It should help drown out the bombing. Booty game Booty game Booty game Booty game Booty game Booty game Booty game Booty game Booty game My God, he’s got booty on the brain game For God’s sake, do something! Yes, sir! Wheel him outta here! Poontang on the membrane. I want a big booty! I want a small booty! So fine! I do like those Chi-Lites, though. Eugene Record, lead singer, wrote most of their songs. Yo, peoples, dig. The problem with them quiet storm slow jam grooves, is everybody gets in a baby making mood! It’s been three months, y’all, can you believe it? A long hard three. This is no longer a test. It’s a national emergency. ! I need some mothering twat and I need it now. It’s making me ing insane. God damn! That boy’s balls were bright blue. He’s an wheeler carrying a heavy load whose arrival’s overdue. But like Wild Bill told Monica on her way down, “Don’t let that shit drip, they’ll use it as evidence.” Let’s speak on something else don’t make no sense! Remember the two concert gunmen? Let’s check in on those fools. See how they doing. So, y’all remember me? But did y’all know my mission? Kill those Spartan niggas before intermission. Those bullets severed my spine. Tore up my behind. Now, I’m unable to walk. Thank God I can still talk. I was Chi’s boy. What I’m now, I can’t say. What did I seek? To be monster Greek? Being thug is what I loved. How you like me now? Lost a kidney, a spleen, most of my digestive tract. One goddamn bullet, dawg, that’s the keeping it fact. Now I’m fed through an IV. I can barely pee, Jack. I’m no longer me. What it means to be and black. This is Sparta? Squad! Gang! My nigga’s, what is this? We Spartans! Spartans are supposed to hold them hostage with the sausage. Y’all motherers got it? Spartans! I don’t know why you crying

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