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Beautiful Mother Tİme

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  • Beautiful Mother Tİme

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    That applies to you and you alone. If another member of the team gets infected, you leave by any means necessary. Now, we stayed strong for days. New York fell. We don’t have to. Now, state your mission. Extraction. Saint Mary’s Prep. Eighty-nine Fila virus survivors. Locate. Administer mosquito. Red retrieve. Black Games If the blood test is positive? We leave them behind. Without exception. Hey, Lauren, good luck. Thank you, sir. Sir? I was just wondering if we have any new information about Games Team . No. Sorry. Sir? Yeah? Permission to search for ? Turn your radio on. Listen up, everyone. This is Dr. Greer. Stay in the designated group. Do not deviate to look for family and friends. Stay strong. Snatch the survivors. Get home safe. Greer out. You the doc on my ? Yes, I’m Dr. Lauren Chase. You look fresh. You got red on you, man. You already bringing bad luck and we ain’t even out the gate yet. Let’s get this over with. So, you’re the navigator? I am. I’m Denise. Right. Dr. Chase. Mind if I take a look at the route? Sure thing. I laid out three routes based on unobstructed roads. Let’s Games let’s try Number . Okay. Hey, Doc, why don’t you focus on doing your own job? Let us do ours. Hey, ignore him. We’re very happy to have you on board. Thank you. Okay. Good morning, doctor. We need you stand watch in the rear when we get through the tunnel. This is for me? I’d rather stay back here and do my work if that’s possible. We need everyone. Here. Take it. Take it. You ever play Whac-A-Mole? Yeah. Okay, good. Then you understand the concept. If a mole pokes his head in, you whack ’em right back out. Just try to think of it as a game. It’ll help. If you feel like you’re in trouble, just yell out. All right. Wheeler, let’s do it. Bus ready for transport. Open in five, four, three, two Games Remember. It’s just a game. Oh, my God. Gunner, get your ass up here, man. Let me in. Let me in. in’ shoot him. I’ll break the windshield. What the do you think he’s doin’? Open the damn door. Keep it steady. You in’ crazy?

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