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Beautiful Mother And Daughter Fashion

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  • Beautiful Mother And Daughter Fashion

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    Are we filming it right? I think so. It’s a widescreen. We have to start the timer. “Start the timer the moment you begin your last date.” Will this ring? Will it ring at pm? Is that when our date ends? Let’s carry the smaller ones around ourselves, and let’s ask our managers to film us with these bigger ones. Let’s go. Let’s go. Do we have to carry it around? They’ve set game the finishing time for them to part. Let’s go. That’s so sad. They can see how much time they have left. What do you want to do? I can’t think of anything. What should we do? Then let’s not think today. Let’s go somewhere crowded. Gangnam Station? Gangnam Station? I have a bad memory of Gangnam Station. Myeong-dong or Gangnam? We’ve been to both places. Right. Let’s revisit one of those places. Okay. But we have to think about this. I think we might regret it game if we don’t do something memorable today game since it’s our last day as a couple. That’s what I think. It could be someplace we’ve already been to game or where we first met. I want to go to Jeju Island, but we don’t have time for that. Let’s go to Myeong-dong. Should we go to Myeong-dong? Yes. What can we do for six hours? How can we spend our last day game in the most memorable way? We looked for the place that had our best memories. Then we thought of revisiting Myeong-dong where we had game a lot of great memories. I was reminded of when we went there game last time and talked while eating kalguksu together. I feel so weird right now. How do you feel right now? You know how people never think about how things will end? To be honest, I really couldn’t believe it. Me neither. I couldn’t believe it, but I snapped back to reality when I saw the Internet articles. The ending feels just as strange as our beginning. It’s strange. When I saw our article, everything just stopped. I knew it was going to happen, but seeing it from an article, I could really feel it was over. I felt like it was really the end. I knew it didn’t mean that I won’t see Ye Won ever again, but it still felt strange.

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