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Beautiful makeup Makeover – Actress

Beautiful makeup Makeover – Actress


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Beautiful makeup Makeover – Actress Description

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Beautiful makeup Makeover – Actress It must be taken immediately to hospital. His condition is critical. Call an ambulance immediately. Who are you? No! Leave my brother found one robber! Ottawa me alone. Anvar where water? Brother! Leave me alone! Leave me alone! No! Daddy! How did it happen? What harm we caused them? Uncle, I swear Game I will not let to drain your blood in vain. Will dirty the whole world with blood these bandits. Where is Anvar? Where is Anvar? Tell me where is Anvar. Tell me. Or will I break in pieces you thick head and watermelon. Tell me Game Anvar is where? Where is Anvar? I’ll tell you. Fir Forgive me. Do not worry. Everything will be fine. Farida! Look, you brought Anvar. Brother! Kill Chotu Ustad Do not spare. He has sympathy for his brother! He was happy with my money and sympathetic to his brother? I make money with money on my son in law, not with yours. And you of leading smuggling vehicles to my son in law. Lies! You himself carrying goods vehicles with your son in law. Really? Do you personally doing all that. Whole business is conducted with your name. Your name is used for all places. Not mine. Tell someone like you. Police I’ll arrest myself. I’m built transportnta company with hard work and honesty.. This company is known throughout India with respect. But today, you destroy his reputation. It made me lose my temper face of the world. I loved not only as Z, but as my own son. But I forgot the simple fact that Game one that can reject sobsveniya brother Game brother who sacrifice every breath of life because of your interest Game You compromise his love, to become my son in law. To get to wealth it may even come back here someday. May reject my daughter and marry someone else. Go! What? I Game Get out. Told to get out! Mr Varma knows everything. What? Yes. My God! Come here immediately. Okay. Who? Mr. Raja? Rich man of this city Game Why are you here in this colony of the poor? Brother! Careful, sir. This is not the hand of a dancer. These are the feet of the poor taxi driver. Brother, forgive me.

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