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Beautiful Magical Spa

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  • Beautiful Magical Spa

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    Turn off the camera Games But we spoke about this, why are you acting like this. I said turn it off Games Wait a miniute okay. I’ll turn it off. Fatma, why are you so angry? Why are you here? Games Sister, calm down. I’m not going to calm down Aren’t you ashamed You have a camera and you’ve brought this hodja You need to trust me because I’m a doctor. Didn’t they film at the hospital? Games That was the hospital. Yeah but doctors were filming herthere. And now I’m going to fıIm you as a doctorand yourfriend. She is in bad shape, you can’t help herthis way I won’t harm , okay? But what about this guy Fatma Fatma I said shut up Mom Games Okay let’s calm down My daughterwas in a hospital for a year and nothing happened They gave herneedles and meds and shocked her What’s happening What are you saying Why are you looking like you’re stupid Tell me, did I get better or did I get worse I’m telling you iwill be cured My daughterwill be sured, do you understand? Butt out Games Refıka stop If something happens to her you are all responsible Do you understand? Games Fatma you dont have to be scared. We are here in the name of God. If we can’t do anything, we’ll pray and leave. What the hell are you talking about May God curse you Esra hold this. Refıka look at me. Calm down, breathe. Are you calm? Now listen to me. If this camera is causing probplems I’ll try to fınd anotherway. Okay? Games It’s okay, ignore her. She’ll come around. Are you sure? Games Yes. Do whatever you need to do. Do everything in your power to cure . Professors will be watching this and our will get better. I’m settign up the cameras. Games Go on, get up, set the cameras. Okay. Give me that Esra. Don’t cry. Games My darling. Oh, mommy. Ms. Esra hanım. Games Yes hodja. Where is ? Games She’s upstairs, sleeping. Okay. Games I missed herso much, I want to see her. Go wake herup. Games No need. Let’s not disturb her.

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