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Beautiful In The Mirror Adventure

Beautiful In The Mirror Adventure


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Beautiful In The Mirror Adventure Description

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where one has lived in the past. It’s bizarre. Oh, poor Pasqualino! He’s dead Radio Well, he was close to years old when I was a kid. Lately, this was don Annibale’s favorite armchair. He sat there for hours, looking out the window. What was he looking at? It’s walled in. I don’t know, he just looked. Why did he keep all this worm-eaten furniture? They’re antiques, darling. Exactly. Old stuff you throw it away, right? And what’s this? The papal chair. What? The Pope’s chair. . It is a special chair reserved to pontiffs whenever they paid a visit to our family. It must have been there for a long time! More than three centuries. When I was a child, they slapped me for hiding behind it! They never even dusted it not to ruin it. Well, that shows Radio Antonio, our baggage is in madam’s car. Bring it up, please. You’re staying here? Yes, why? No, no, nothing. I’ll go now. Where’s the phone? There, on the desk. Thanks. Antonio, what’s up? Did you buy a car? I called you as soon as I arrived, engineer. Yes, as you like. If not I can come see you. As you wish, thanks. Reginaldo! Yes, any time, I will be at the City Song all night. Very well. Perfect. Looks like him! See you later, engineer. They look so much alike! Federico! Eileen! Eileen? Do you think it’s an apt name for a Cardinal? What are you wearing? Take off those clothes! Don’t you like it? It’d be great if you could take a picture. Red cardinal overcoat over black lingerie. You think it’s amusing? You’re so hare-brained! This is not a fashion show nor one of those ratholes you used to live in. What’s the matter with you? Nothing. Sorry, but don’t touch things that aren’t yours. Ah! Now that you’re rich you start noticing what’s yours and what’s mine. You weren’t so haughty before! What are you talking about! The fact is that some things deserve respect. Besides, I haven’t got any money yet. But I’ll get it soon. I already have an appointment to sign. Sign what? I don’t want to end like my uncle. Poor dreamer! He was so attached to all this. He’s starved his entire life for not selling.

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