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Beautiful I Like Cooking

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  • Beautiful I Like Cooking

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    Beautiful I Like Cooking Description

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    Tell me, why are you all so cool? Don’t you see? One main character is still missing Haven’t seen What a coincidence! You are so late, I thought you wouldn’t come Why? Give way! In a while Uncle Pingnan will use the stance”Hovering Heavenly Fairy'” And stab Tang Fei and Tang Ao in one blow. How impressive No wonder, no one sits on the seats around Tang Fei and Tang Ao I was surprised. Let’s go over Sit down, drink some tea and wait for Cool-Son Yeh The Tangs in Sichuan are famous for their poison That’s why no one dares go near Those two guys are sweating on such a cool day Dragon , don’t you sell me the medal? Get off! This lady must have something I wish we can find Simon the Snow blower as soon as possible We must take revenge ourselves and not let him die in Cool-Son Yeh’s hands Cool-Son Yeh! Every time Cool-Son Yeh appears he has to make a fuss He must spend a lot of money on the girls So you are Tang Fei Cool-Son Yeh, I will take revenge for my big brother Tang Ling today The Sichuan Tangs have four famous brothers I killed Tang Ling There’s you two, where’s Tang Yong? You let him look for you everywhere! Cool-Son Yeh, either you die game game or I die today! You deserve? I have brought the greatest Hidden Weapon of the Tangs, the “Net above Snares Below” Pin What’s that? There are altogether pins When we throw them out, not even a mosquito can escape within feet Friends, this matter only concerns me and Cool-Son Yeh Others please give way None of my business I’d advise you not to fight We Sichuan Tangs’ poisoned hidden weapons are scared by everyone in the kung-fu world I’m not scared, I just want to tell you Once I pull out my sword, it will shed blood Don’t regret it You’re really not scared? How can a bit of dust be poison? Oh, Cool-Son Yeh, you are God, God of Sword Oh my god! How can he finish off Chun Hua House with one blow? Our bet has been concluded You can’t back off! Brother! I said it, don’t force me to fight Wait for me! There’s something wrong? What is it? The problem is game game I don’t Beautiful I Like Cooking

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