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Beautiful Hair Salon Adventure

Beautiful Hair Salon Adventure


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Beautiful Hair Salon Adventure Description

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I’d like to see her do my job. Oh, she doesn’t want your job. She wants to be an MP. She’s educated. And I’m not, I suppose? Well, no, you’re not educated, are you, dear? Nor am I. We couldn’t be MPs. Aw! Oh. Who wants to be an MP anyway, eh? Cheese ration cut to oz! Seven years after the war Games oz. It’s not enough for a mousetrap. There’s your Tory government for you, look. Your Mr. Churchill’s cheese. I hope you washed your hands before touching that cheese. It’s my call-up papers. I’m going in the Royal Corps of Signals. Well, don’t you go and get sent to that Korean War. Oh, that’s all over, bar the shouting. It isn’t! Mrs. Hammond’s boy, Michael, was killed there only last week. Blimey, was he? He used to help me on the milk round when he was a nipper. He was just . Then, when you come to attention Games Attention! You have to slam your boot down so hard the blood spurts through your lace holes. Oh, don’t, dear. It’s true, mum. Are you going to do parachute jumping, son? No. I’m going to be a draughtsman in an office. Oh, good. That’s nice, an office. And thank goodness you’ve had a proper haircut at last. Mrs. Morgan’s boy is going to be an officer. Oh, yeah? Don’t you want to be an officer, dear? Not likely, Mum. They want head boys, team captains, prefects, preferably public-school. I’m just a common little suburban grammar school oik. Oh, but the uniform is so much nicer, dear. And you could wear nice brown shoes. Boots Games they’re so common. Our very own phone. Who’d have believed it? Oh, dear, what shall I do if it rings when you’re out? Well, answer it, you daft ha’p’orth! I don’t think I like it. Argh! Oh, quick, quick, quick, Ernest! It’s going off! Ahem! Hello? Yes? No. Oh, right, goodbye. Wrong number, dear. Oh, Ernest. It’s just like the pictures. Yes, we might get Victor McLagen. He’s dead. They could still put him on. Oh, I prefer Tyrone Power. He’s more modern. You get it, Ernest. Oh, blessed thing! Fancy our little boy having a motor bike. It’s a scooter, Ette. Lambretta. They’re Italian.

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