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Beautiful gardens Time

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  • Beautiful gardens Time

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    Else, l’ll drop you. Close your eyes Close your eyes, not widen them. Close them! Close! The glider came this way! There it is! Where.? Up there! Oh my God! Where’s Priya? There! She’s breathing. She must’ve passed out Let’s take her back to the camp The glider was at such a height, Priya Ma’am was down here. .and she’s still breathing? Just imagine! Just imagine. lmagine! Where am l.? You’re alive and you’re with us Thank God you’re alive. Not God, it’s that boy we ought to thank That boy.? Which boy? The one who saved my life A boy saved you? But there was no one there No sir! He must’ve been there! We fell from the tree together. Together.? But you went in the glider alone. How did he come on the tree to rescue you.? Did he fall from the skies? Yes sir. That’s where he came from! Priya, trust me, you were all alone. Right? Ghost! What happened? G-H-O-S-T ! Komal sir, ghost! Ghost? What are you blabbering, Bahadur? No blabber, sir. lt’s a chant. To drive the ghost away. What rubbish, Bahadur? Ghost in broad daylight?

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