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Beautiful Fire Haired Girl

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  • Beautiful Fire Haired Girl

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    Beautiful Fire Haired Girl Description

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    The memories only the two of them share Do you want to ride while hugging? Yes. I can’t stop smiling I can’t stop smiling They recorded their duet song. Every day is full of joy Every day is full of joy It made me feel the emotions I had had before. I forgot how game I had felt back then, but once I watched it, I remembered all the feelings I had felt at that time. It was hard to believe. I wanted to tell myself game in the video game about what I should’ve done. I know now, but I didn’t know back then. I thought about how I could have acted differently back then. It was regrettable, but fun to watch at the same time. It’s a good memory. This is what a wife does game when her husband goes to work. I dusted your jacket. You initiated physical contacts game while I didn’t know what to do. Look at my face. I look flustered. I always talked about romantic moments. But I was only standing awkwardly like that. I could have kissed you then. But I couldn’t do anything. See you later. She awkwardly sends him a heart. I should’ve gone back to you. Go. I will watch you leave. Practise to do this. Okay. Try to make it pretty. Like this. Like this? I will go for this pose. I’ll go now. See you later. I liked this moment although we were awkward. They can’t take their eyes off their naive past. Me too. Both of us were awkward. They are sad to be parted. This scene drew so much attention. Oh, my. Look at her. She hugged him from behind. I have goose bumps. She bravely goes to hug him. They look so sweet. I look really happy. Yes. He really looks happy. It feels strange. I was excited, happy game and overwhelmed. He is getting emotional as he watches. Look at Min Seok. Their eyes are teary. I can see that she is holding back her tears. Min Seok gives her a shy kiss. It was the best day. She ends up shedding tears. Her eyes turned red. I am starting to tear up. I knew I would. Don’t cry. I will never cry. I steeled myself. He is holding back his tears. I said I wouldn’t watch it because I knew I would cry.

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