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Beautiful Fairy

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  • Beautiful Fairy

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    Beautiful Fairy Description

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    Napoo Boche. So it would seem. It’s an armistice. No big show then, no final push to Berlin? Shall I, er, tell the men then, dress up games? Thank you, dress up game. And tell them to keep their bloody heads down until o’clock. dress up games. So, Jack our swords are going to be turned into ploughshares. Mmm. The order of the bowler hat for us. We’re going home. Shouldn’t we be celebrating? I suppose we should. Hmm. OK, lads. Well just received a wire Now that we’ve actually won the war, I hope that your scribbler friends in The Wipers Times will treat the staff with a little more respect. Yes, indeed. In fact, they’re recommending the staff be awarded more medals. About time. The want special recognition for all those martyrs who’ve had to endure wearying years of soft jobs back at the base and have missed out on all the fun of the front line. And welcome back to the European Theatre for our grand finale. Sadly Keiser Bill Hdress up gameenzollern will not be appearing as he has an alternative engagement singing My Old Dutch in Holland. Also not on the bill are the famous Crumps. And the little pipsqueaks. And Duddy whizzbang! Yes! The show mustn’t go on. You’ve seen the horrors of war. Now prepare for the horrors of peace. You were an army of occupation. Now you’re going to be an army of no occupation. So without further ado, let’s have one last encore from Tommy Atkins with a delightfully delicious ditty costumes kindly provided by Messrs D Mob & Co the celebrated tailors of Cheap Street. So scrap the mortar mine and shell The job’s completely done and well We’re done with mud and rats and stench Hope never again to see a trench That’ll do, lads. We don’t want to end the show on a low note. ..No more we’ll hear machine guns rattle The minny’s din the roar of battle The long lost years have been well worth If once again we’ve peace on earth That’s more like it. Now, come on, everybody, let’s see that demobilisation smile. ..Farewell to you To dear old Wipers

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