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Beautiful East Style

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  • Beautiful East Style

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    Oh, yes, of course. Well Game I have to take a trip, Johnny. I may be gone for a while. You’re in charge of the casino. You’ve been promoted. Faithful service. Do I get a raise? No. Fair enough? Fair enough. But you do get percent of the profits. I’ll take and a half. Heh, heh, you’re sharp, Johnny. Almost as sharp as my other little friend. But not quite so obedient. No? My other little friend would kill for me, Johnny. Well, that’s what friends are for. To us, Johnny. To the three of us. The three of us. JOHNNY: Makes me laugh now to think back, me so sure it was just the three of us. I soon found out, all right. I remember it was late one afternoon. I was getting ready for the Saturday night crowd. Funny I’d remember what day it was, isn’t it? Isn’t it enough? For a peasant? Mr. Farrel, Mr. Mundson called. Just got back. Like you to come around to his house. Thank you. After all, I run the place. He calls me Mr. Farrel. Isn’t that better? JOHNNY: You’d think a bell would’ve rung or you’d think I’d have had some instinct of warning. But I didn’t. I just walked right into it. Game ? Señor Mundson will be down in a moment. Thanks. It’s great having him back, isn’t it? I hope it will be the same, Señor Farrel. Game : Johnny, is that you? Hello, Game . Come on up here. Well, what are you crying about? I feel great. You look foolish. Ha, ha. I’ll show you why. Where’s the canary? How did you know? How did I know what? So you don’t know. Come. This is where the canary is, Johnny. Quite a surprise to hear a woman singing in my house, eh, Johnny? WOMAN HUMMING WHILE JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS It’s quite a surprise. Gilda, are you decent? Me? Sure, I’m decent. Gilda, this is Johnny Farrel. Johnny, this is Gilda. MUSIC TURNS OFF So this is Johnny Farrel. I’ve heard a lot about you. Really? Now, I haven’t heard a word about you. CLICKS TONGUE Why, Game ! Game : I wanted to keep it as a surprise. Was it a surprise, Mr. Farrel? Game : It certainly was. You should have seen his face.

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