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Beautiful dress models Adventure

Beautiful dress models Adventure


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Beautiful dress models Adventure Description

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In you go, sunshine. Next time, it will be borstal. ETHEL GASPS No. No, it’s not possible. He Games He goes to grammar school. You wicked, wicked boy! I could kill you! Sorry, Mum. How could you? Borstal. Borstal! Whatever’s going on? Well? THEY CRY I see your boy came home in a police van. Yes. Yes, he did. That’s right. He’s been helping the police with their investigations. In a Black Maria? Yes. He reported some stolen property he found in the woods. The Chief Inspector said he was a very clever boy. Hmm. Look. More scrap Anderson. Oh, fits perfect. We’ll own all the coal soon. They’re going to nationalise it. I bet we still have to pay for it. Of course we’ll have to pay for it, you daft ha’p’orth. So we won’t own it then, will we? Well, er, not exactly, but it means the profits will go to the government instead of lining the pockets of the bosses. And then the government gives the money to us? No. So what’s the difference, then? Cor. , GI brides going to America. Kiddies with them, too. Children? But they’re not married! Yeah, well. I expect some of them jumped the gun a bit. You know what they say about the Yanks one yank and they’re down! What are down? Er, well, I don’t know. It’s just a saying. ETHEL HUFFS Yaaay! BELL RINGS AND ERNEST LAUGHS Blimey. There’s going to be , miles of motorway. A terrific network. What about the green belt? All that lovely country? Yeah, well, it will bypass it, I expect. I thought you said there were going to be lots of bypasses already. Yeah, well, so there are. It will bypass the bypasses, then. And what about the ring roads? Look, it will bypass the ring roads and bypass the bypasses. And bypass the green belt? Yes, and bypass the green belt! That’s all right, then. Only it does seem a bit of a muddle. He’s passed! He’s passed the school certificate. It says he’s matric Games Matriculated. Or something. Is that good? Well, of course it’s good! What does it mean? I don’t know what it means. Not our place to know. ERNEST WHISTLES THE LAMBETH WALK Morning, Mr Briggs.

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