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Beautiful Cute Angel

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    Are you thirsty? You bet I am. Thanks, babe. Oh, I’m sorry, Nate. There’s more water in the kitchen. You look tough. You look y. Yeah. You like my. Magnum? I do. Hey. Hey. Really appreciate everything you’re doing, man. No sweat. This stuff is fun for me, believe it or not. Yeah, well, you’re saving us. Aw, you’re a natural. You guys got this. We have no choice. Well, how long has it been? How long you been doing this kind of work? Pretty much since I was a kid. Yeah? Did you ever do any fix and flipping on your own? Yeah, I dabbled in it. It’s hard work. All right, let’s hit the roofing aisle. Okay, I got knee pads, pry bar, sandpaper. Hello? Oh! Oh, my God! So I didn’t find your tape measure again, but I did games Ahh! Roslyn! Alex. This place is really coming along. Yeah, I know. Where’s Jeff? He’s on the roof. We have to replace the whole thing almost. Oh, this is Nate. This is my friend Roslyn. She’s helping us stage the house. Why don’t you take one? I bought it for Jeff, but games But Jeff’s not here. Right. Oh, thank you. Well, I’d better get back to work. The circuit panel’s a real mess. Be in the basement if you need me. And thank you for the coffee break. Any time. No. It’s a sample. Mm-mm. Okay, it’s ugly. I’m sorry. I used all my contacts. I am calling in all of my favors. When I’m finished with this place, it’s gonna sell in a heartbeat. So, tell me about the hot handyman. Oh, my God. Can you believe that guy? And also he absolutely hates buttoning his shirts. Oh games No, but seriously, he is a godsend. I mean, he does everything. Carpentry, electric, plumbing, roofing. I don’t know what we would do without him. We? Oh, good, good, good, good. You do remember you have a boyfriend. You know I love Jeff. But, I mean, it doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy the view every now and then. Well, especially if the view looks like Nate. Ooh. Suddenly the reason you and Jeff have yet to be engaged is becoming clear. Guys like Nate are not the problem. Then what is? I’m just not sure that I’m ready for that planned-out,

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