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Beautiful Cupcake Nails

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    He replied: “What, The Things of Life?” He answered “Yes.” He said: “Are you sure?” “Listen, there’s an accident, I find filming an accident very interesting.” The very strong fantasy here makes me scared. The accident in The Things of Life, it’s because… it’s the fear of the accident! Not of death. The horror of the accident. He came onto me out of nothing. I saw him the moment he appeared. Mostly when he stepped on the brake, he speeded at least ! Because… to film an accident, it’s quickly done. A guy runs into a tree, that’s it. Or, when you’re afraid, you imagine twists of smoke, dangerous things, twists and turns. It takes on grand proportions… The imagination runs very quickly… Fear generates imagination. Suddenly, I have wings to describe it. My imagination helps me to describe it. Hence, I feel free. Filming it liberates me from fear. This herd instinct of folks who rush to see a person who they think is gonna die… who are in summer clothes and who rush to it in a ridiculous way leaping from their vehicles, though they see something very serious, At the same time, the nurses are soaked… So I feel there’s something pathetic in… life that I can show thanks to a rain shower. Not a shower in the same sense as in euphoric showers, which I show in “César et Rosalie”, for example. Do you think he hears you? Doesn’t look like it. I think that Michel is really the cinematographic portrait of Claude. And another part, Romy. Because Claude is a feminine / masculine man. When you’re on Ré island with Catherine, that will change. The evenings will be merrier. I hope so. When I’ll be with you elsewhere, how will that be? We’ll never be elsewhere. First of all, those were two professional comedians. As it turned out Michel became good at cinema at a certain age. It’s that before, he wasn’t at ease with himself. And he has a sensibility, how do you call that… mimetic, I think. And Romy was very sensitive to intonation. She always wanted me to read her own scenes, in my intonation.

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