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Beautiful Cupcake Girl

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  • Beautiful Cupcake Girl

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    Beautiful Cupcake Girl Description

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    I swear, every time I race that track, it’s my birthday. Hey there, Donny. Hey, Donny. Fellas. Well, well, well. Don Prudhomme. To what do we owe this great honor? Talk to you a second? I’m sorry. I couldn’t really hear you. Did you say that the Snake wanted to talk to me? Forget it. Enjoy your game. No, no. Come on. Now don’t be a baby. Come on. Guys, can you give me a moment with the Snake, please? Sure. Nice going, Mike. You got it. Well, you were right, Torn. I usually am. What about this time? Even when I win, I lose. That’s true. So Game Game how are we going to make some serious money at this? Serious money? Truth is we could race up and down the country till we’re blue in the face, thousands of fans swamping the track, but until we get a piece of the gate receipts Game well, we might as well be playing to an empty house. I mean, you’re making a living, right? You know damn well bucks a month ain’t a living, Tom. Just me out there. I don’t have Mommy to help me out. Oh, hey, now, we all got to use what we got, Donny. Is there any money in this SnakeandMongoose thing you keep talking about? Well, you got to work together with me on that, Donny. I mean, that takes time and effort on and off the track to make an idea like that go. Well, you see, the truth is fast food makes more money than fast cars. What the hell does that mean? You been talking in riddles the whole time? Without the burger, you wouldn’t need the arches, right? But without the arches, it’d just be another hamburger. So I’m the hamburger and you’re the arches. Uh Game well, no, that’s not exactly right, but Game I got it. I got it. No, no, Don, it’s like I’ve been saying, all right, you’ve got to think big to make it big. What, you and me like a team? No way, brother. No, no, no, no. Match races, all right? You versus me like always, except this time, we take it on tour. All right, we get to call the shots, not the sponsors, not the track owners, the Mongoose and the Snake. I mean, think about it.

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