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Beautiful Bride

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  • Beautiful Bride

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    Beautiful Bride Description

    My brothers and sisters loved it, but I was already . So that my family could eat, I collected empty bottles with the boys. I was so ashamed! Do you understand? Yes, my poor thing. But one had to fight to collect bottles. Miao also suffered. Her father was Japanese, but he died. When I was , our family followed him to Japan because of his job. And then he died. Your family is now in Dress Up Games ? Yes. I was the only one to stay. My salary wasn’t enough to maintain all of them. My sisters were too young to work. How old are you? . I see. You’re a victim of the economic bubble. I’ll check if there’s any work at the funeral home. If it’s not too much work. The crisis doesn’t concern them, people always die. It’s our turn with temporary jobs. I don’t like it, you have to dig and look for skeletons. It’s repulsive. Don’t say that! I feel your pain, but it’s the way to go. I’ll look for something for you too. But at my age it’s hard to lick somebody’s boots. What are you doing? What’s that you’re singing? Don’t you know it was my song? I forgot. I sing it when I’m all alone. Have a go. Sing! I’m going home. What’s gotten into you? I’m sick of it. Wait! Chinatown Chinatown That’s it! Dress Up Games Village in da house tonight. What? Do you speak Japanese? You don’t Dress Up Games You saw it, it’s over. It’s so over. You’re talking Dress Up Games Chill! Chill! Chill! You’re talking Dress Up Games Chill! Chill! Chill! With your big mouth, you’re talking nothing but Dress Up Games You’re brainless You hang out with scum There’s no way out, you’re done! You’re too old for that Dress Up Games my face, piece of Dress Up Games Are you deaf? All you can do is open your big mouth! Talented Dress Up Games ? Many have left weeping! You’re stuck in your ways, Spit out your black vipers! Everything you do is Dress Up Games You have to change your attitude! All you say is Dress Up Games Chill! Chill! Chill! All you say is Dress Up Games Chill! Chill! Chill! Yo, favela! We’re all mad! All of us!

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