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Beautiful Blonde

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    F’resnel. You don’t have to be that specific with us, sir! Mind if we ask her a couple questions? Could I say no? Yeah, but then we come back with a warrant and you better be lawyered up, Gregory Hines. The dancer guy? Dress Up Games I don’t know why I said that. Dress Up Games I don’t either. Folks, we need you to look at some photographs, but I will warn you, they are a little bit graphic. Dress Up Games Oh, God. Dress Up Games um Oh, heavens. I apologise. Yeah, they’re graphic. Jack? Honey Dress Up Game Oh, no. I’m not gonna puke. I mean Dress Up Game Not a puker. Oh, God, F’resnel. It’s OK. Very natural. Dress Up Games Oh, God. Dress Up Games They’re very gruesome. Very gruesome pictures. It’s OK. Oh, God! Dress Up Games OK. Dress Up Games OK. Perhaps we could continue this conversation in the living room, which has less vomit in it. Mm Dress Up Games hm. This is Dr Michael Marshall. Or, at least, it was. Dress Up Games ‘Cause he’s dead! Oh, my God! His records indicate that you were the last person to see him, Ms Watson. He wrote down when he died? That’s pretty weird, isn’t it? “That’s pretty weird, isn’t it?” you. Hers was the last appointment on his books. Now, we’re not saying that you did anything, obviously. We just want to know if you saw anything, heard anything Dress Up Game unusual Dress Up Games that’s all. No, I Dress Up Game God Dress Up Game I can’t believe this kind of thing can happen in this day and age. Hey. What’s with the blood on your shirt? Dress Up Games Oh. Dress Up Games Yeah, gosh. I should have taken care of this. I scratched myself earlier, and, um Dress Up Game What’d you scratch yourself on? A grizzly bear? The question remains. Did you Dress Up Game see anything Dress Up Game unusual? I told you, no. Neither of you saw anything out of the ordinary? That’s good. Alright, thank you, guys. Thank you very much for your time. Dress Up Games No further questions from us. Dress Up Games We appreciate your patience. We will be in touch. Have a good day.

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