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Beautiful Blonde Girl

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  • Beautiful Blonde Girl

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    Beautiful Blonde Girl Description

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    No need for that, Dress Up Games Dress Up Games ?! high pitched squeal Front door open. No, you did not just call me a Dress Up Games ! Front door open Dress Up Games screaming Honey? Dan?! I am so sorry. I didn’t know who you were and Dress Up Games It’s OK, honey, it was an accident. Right, Caesar? And of course he can stay here. Doorbell rings Look at that. Caesar wants to help out around the house. Aw. Hey Dress Up Games screaming I’m sorry, I see an ape, I come out swinging. That’s understandable. Grunting Here you go. I am so glad you’re OK, but tonight was a wakeup call. I think we’ve got to find that cabin. OK. I got an idea. Wait, we fired Maria. Who’s gonna watch the kids? I already took care of it. Doorbell rings Naughty Nanny’s here. Nice to meet you, Naughty. This is my wife Dress Up Games . Threesome? That costs extra. Oh, Jesus. Monkey, too? Oh, you people are freaks, but for an extra Dress Up Games . What agency did you call? Oh, they have nurses and cheerleaders and nannies. Dan, you called an escort service. I used the same agency to book a Santa for Christmas. Someone called for Santa? Ho, ho, ho. Dan, you’re watching the kids. Narrator Dress Up Games was nervous about what she might find at the cabin, but she was comforted by the fact that Caesar and the girls were in good hands. Grunting Laughing Grunts Thud Camera shutter clicks Who do you work for? House music plays Dress Up Games Kendra, this isn’t the cabin I was talking about. Kendra I know, I just thought you needed to relax. Take one of these. Um, I don’t know. Oh, come on, they’ll only last a couple of hours, tops. Kendra, I don’t need drugs to have fun. Screaming Let me take a picture. OK. Oh, that’s so hot! Yeah! Yeah, ride it, yeah, yeah! A dollar will make me holler, honey boo boo child. Screaming Screaming continues Shouting Electronic pop music plays Sorry. Mouthing Exhales Gasps Both gasp I don’t always go downtown, but when I do,

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