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Beautiful Best Model

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  • Beautiful Best Model

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    Beautiful Best Modelbut she’s still games She’s still a chick. She just has guy parts. I-I get where you’re going. It’s a . What if it was a guy with a vagina? He makes a good point. I’m an idiot. Yeah. Yeah. You know, you and me, a couple of margaritas. That is so offensive. Why? That isn’t racist. I know it’s not racist. I like margaritas. I’m just offended that you think I would date you. Has anyone seen Andrew? Andrew! Hey, Andrew, could you please get your phone? It’s ringing off the hook, man. Oh, probably one of my man-like female suitors. Your suitors are man-like? No, no, no. I mean, man-like man! Not man like man-like. You know, man like man games Stop saying “man-like. ” Could you get your phone? It’s probably a sales call. Probably a business-related sales call. I’ll give you the business-related later. I’ll talk to him, okay? Uh, I heard what happened with you and Amanda breaking up. Oh, you heard about that? Yeah, well, she’s the head of HR, and she put out a memo. Um, I-I games All right. Andrew, get the phone! Evan. Can I bend your ear? Yeah. Hey. How’s the presentation coming? You’re gonna be ready by Friday? Yeah, Friday. Yeah, sure, Ted. Yeah. Yeah, we need this account, Evan. Sales have been bad, but if we land this fish, you’ll save all our asses. Yeah. I know male enhancement isn’t the most glamorous product in the world but games No. My sources tell me it works actually. Tell me if you need anything, ’cause it’s all hands on deck on this one. Yeah. I’m making a pretty big announcement toady about the next phase of our company’s future. I need to know you’re gonna be a team player, no matter what. Yeah. Yeah, Ted. You can count on me. My office, minutes. All right. Hey, guys. Guys, guess what? I think Ted’s gonna make me sales manager. ALL: Oh! Bam! Snap! What? Bam, snap. It’s like, a new catchphrase I’m trying. Yeah, it’s not really working. It’s a work in progress. I love it. Thank you, Mike. Yeah, yeah, yeah! I’m still working on the inflection but games Ted’s office in . It’s a catchphrase. I feel like everyone needs

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