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Beautiful Baby Pony

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  • Beautiful Baby Pony

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    Sorry, I’ve lost touch with the supplier. Excuse me. Iganev. Unless I go to Burma personally. Are you OK, Victor? I’m fine. Laurencin, National Intelligence. Macquart wants a word. Why? Follow me, please. We need new shell companies. Forget Luxemburg. Go through Monaco, Jersey and Cayman. Two days, is that feasible? Time isn’t the problem, Victor. The bank won’t touch you. After the latest revelations, they’re scared. Screw their scruples. It’s always the same. This time, it’s different. The board overruled me. An army of IT guys are on the job, erasing suspect accounts, details of transactions Game The shredder’s working overtime. They called the President’s office. And got no response. We founded that bank. A long time ago. Miss Chahyd! Have you seen our wonderful sewing machines? One of our duties is illegal sweatshops. Every time we close one down, we’re flooded with them. If I say I know the identity of your suspect and offer to have you assigned to Intelligence, are you interested? I’m not sure I understand. Victor Bornand, the President’s adviser and godfather of his younger son. Father made his fortune during the Occupation Game Government’s goto guy on Africa Game Not an arms dealer, but he fixes deals and secret payoffs. Michel Fernandez. An old acquaintance. Exundercover operative and now Bornand’s righthand man. Laurence Renaud, better known as Katryn. Was murdered by Fernandez, who most likely also killed your partner. I can help you collar him. And Made’? Leave Mado out of this. That’s the deal? Come in. Go on, talk. Bornand’s found him. Keller’s the source. He’s working for Perrot. Big fan of Asians, Perrot. Victor can’t choose his people. Keller’s a son to him. It must hurt. Keep talking. Keller tipped off Chardon, then Macquart, whose Intelligence boys tipped off the Congolese, who blew up the plane. Violent, those jiggaboos. A bit like you. What’s Bornand doing? Waiting on the bank, to deliver again. Of course, Keller’s sidelined. He’s got other transport. Smart and fast.

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