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Beautiful Baby Pony Adventure

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  • Beautiful Baby Pony Adventure

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    Beautiful Baby Pony Adventure Description

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    a Cary Grant or an Errol Flynn, but the war will not wait on the convenience of a Hollywood schedule. Besides, we rather think we’ve done one better. Carl Lundbeck. American boy, Norwegian forefathers. Before the war, he flew crop dusters on his parents’ farm in Michigan. When Germany invaded Norway, Carl made his way to England to join the RAF Games where he’s made himself very much at home. Salmon aren’t the only creatures who should stay out of Flight Lieutenant Lundbeck’s way. So far he’s shot down German planes, for which Britain gives her gratitude. A genuine hero. An inspiration to all other Americans, and, as I believe you chaps say, the camera loves him. Yeah. Even more if he was in Technicolor. Color? I think we can manage that. But there weren’t any Americans at Dunkirk. Pedant. Pack your bags, Mrs. Cole. You’re coming to Devon. Pretty copper kettle, pretty copper kettle Bright copper kettle, bright copper kettle I’ve got to get a kettle I’ve got to get Games I’ve got to get a kettle, I’ve got to get

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