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Bean Meal

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    I’m on it. Hiya! Grunts Yo. D’Andre, I think they’re the missing kids from the news. How can you be so sure? Look. D’Andre I don’t know, man. Well, if it is the missing kids, I’m gonna take that reward money, and I’m gonna buy me a yacht, fill it with cash, bitches and a shark. Why would you want to buy a shark? Trust me… we’re gonna need a shark. No, this can’t be right. Beeping Grunting Urinating Groaning Ringing Hi, Mom. shrieks I got to call you back. No baby, no baby, no baby, no baby. Beeping female voice You’re pregnant… No! … with anticipation over the outcome of this iPregnancy test, which has determined that you are… You got to be kidding me. Oh, no. Not pregnant. You dodged a bullet, you lucky slut. Sighs Thank you, God. Sweet! Great news: They found my brother’s kids. Oh, crap. Man We’re very fortunate the older one, Kathy, has retained most of her vocabulary. The baby hasn’t actually said a word. Why not? Because he’s a baby. They’ve been alone here over three long months. I need to warn both of you that this is not going to be easy. I’m ready for it. Hello. No, no. Wrong window. Here’s where the children are. Panting What is she doing? Man In order to survive their extreme isolation, the girls created an imaginary guardian, a parent figure to feed them, sing to them. They call her Mama. But these may help you break through. And the Ritalin may help, as well. The proper dosage for someone their age is… Wish me luck. Child panting Hey, Lily. Oh, how cute. OK. Kathy. It’s OK, Kathy. Remember these? You used to wear them to help you see better. No, no, no! Maybe we should get her some contacts… the soft kind. Daddy? No, sweetheart. Not Daddy. I’m your Uncle Dan. Remember? And this is Jody. Jo… dy. Jody. No pause between “Jo” and “dy.” dy. Dan, we’re at an impasse. I see constant conflict. It’s fine. They’ll warm up to you. Child growling Ow! Hey, hey, hey, little lady, that’s not how… You little mother! Well, everything checks out.

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