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Beach Moda Time

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  • Beach Moda Time

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    Beach Moda Time But things will be different soon. I can feel it. In a day or two game We’re going to have him. He’ll ask us for a bit of dry bread. We’re going to get him. We’ll wear him down. He’s thirsty! Banana! That’s good! Chuck him the skin! Tap my back, I’m choking. Here, give him this. A bit of pig’s skin! Is there any left on it? If you have good teeth game Go on, Elodie, make a gesture. Well done! Of course, it may not be very big but game Kill the pigs! Boursac! Reactionary! Boursac, in my arms game I whisper in his ear I tell him all my woes I sleep with Boursac in my arms I sleep with Boursac in my arms Every night, I whisper in his ear You wouldn’t catch me sleeping with old Boursac! He’s a lazy git. He’s always knackered. Need a bed, Boursac? Want some needles and wool to do your knitting? He’s gone to sleep. Hey, don’t fall asleep! Metalworkers with the women! Hello? This is Portat, the prefect. Can you hear me, Mr. Boursac? Whatever possessed you to get mixed up in all this? Right, listen to me. I’d like to help, but headquarters is against it. Things look bad. The strike is spreading, and there are worrying movements everywhere. So for the time being, negotiate. How do you expect me to send the riot squad into a factory occupied by women? In the event of a clash, can you imagine the field day our opponents would have? So let’s just negotiate. Besides, we’ll give you the names of the troublemakers whom you may not have identified. Stay calm. And later on game I’ll trust you to make the distinction between the healthy and the less healthy elements in your factory. But believe me game I’m very serious about this game Negotiate! Besides, we’ve no choice at present. Goodbye, my dear chap. Workers, peasants, comrades! Boursac! Bastard! The people will get you! Here’s the man who is responsible for all your misery! The girls who are overcome by the heat, who have fits of hysterics. We’re not even allowed to pee. And all that for who? For a bastard like him. I hope these four days have given you food for thought.

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